Jack Walter
Member since 2011

In the last year and a half my family and I have been dramatically downsizing our life and working towards self sufficiency. We started keeping chickens, purchased dairy goats and used the milk for kefir, cheese and drinking, hatched out a flock of Muscovy ducks, got into rabbit raising, found a local source for grass-fed lamb and beef and processed our own meat from all of them, started composting on large scale, built a worm bin, created a large raised bed garden and planted over 25 fruiting plants; all on a third of an acre. After all that and assessing what we really enjoyed we decided that out of everything we had done growing our own food and spending time together and with real friends was really what we wanted to do in life. We took a look at where we were and decided that we would not attain that level of living without a major life change. We looked around for an opportunity to gain the rest of the knowledge we needed to be successful and settled on a farming internship to gain experience on larger scale diversified farming and trigger our move from Washington. Then we found Red Earth Farms and the rest is history.