We are Yarrow homestead!!

We leased our land in October of 2011. We had fallen in love with this piece of land while we were residents. It was beautiful. We loved the rolling hills, the draws and everything about it. It was magical and it felt right. We knew that there would be challenges, but we were prepared to do some hard work.

We are currently a family of five, Jack, Valerie, Natalie, Layla and Gwendy. We are open to expanding our homestead to include other people and possibly even another family.

We currently have goats, dairy and angora, sheep, fiber and meat, cows, dairy and meat, pigs, meat and chickens, eggs and meat. Valerie is very interested in raising animals. She loves to care for them and she doesn’t mind the daily hard work of milking. The girls all help out a lot. In fact without them we would not be able to have what we do. They go out every morning and night and do chores. Making sure the animals have food, water and shelter. Jack’s passion is gardening. He has great plans including greenhouses, season extension and eventually growing all the grain for our animals.

Our passion is to become a self-sufficient homestead. We want to be able to provide at least 75% of our food needs. Valerie is a spinner and fiber artist and she hopes to  at least start to clothe the family.

Valerie keeps a blog it is usually updated weekly.

There is also a facebook page that gets updated and hopefully there will be plenty of pictures up there.